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IT is More Than Technology

Should your business develop, manage and support your IT internally or employ someone to do IT for you? There is surely no hard and fast rule on this as the size of your business, the technical expertise of your staff, the nature of your business and the personalities involved are all key aspects. Managing your IT infrastructure is a question of strategy and tactics when delivering your business plan.

Simply Better IT really does believe that your IT services should be developed around delivering the long and short-term goals of each specific business, rather than the other way around. Businesses though are sold the idea that IT is just another service – rather like having running water, electricity or phone lines, often by IT support companies funnily enough. Whilst there may have been a case for that view when IT was just standalone computers, in our mobile and tablet connected world, it’s a service like few others.

Simply Better IT can certainly help deliver all your IT support services onsite in Manchester, Stockport, Cheshire and Derbyshire, from computer support, through network and server support to managing broadband internet connections to developing your website and social networking strategy. Rather than trying to restrict your business into a pre-determined Managed IT contract we provide flexible IT support services designed to help you use technology better in achieving your business goals. The IT support most suitable for your business one month may, be help with cleansing and merging various contact databases ahead of setting up a promotional mailmerge, whilst the next month may be personalising some website pages around role functions within the business.

Underpinning the IT used by most businesses is the onsite office based computer network, with some form of data storage and centralised server functionality, especially for eMail. Increasingly much of this functionality is being offered as an offsite service and this too can be provided and supported by Simply Better IT, or any combination of onsite and offsite.