Rule the World: Master the Power of Storytelling

Rule the World: Master the Power of Storytelling

The art of storytelling is something most of us occasionally stumble upon by accident. This book compels us to take it more seriously. I use the word compel as Paul Furlong writing makes me take storytelling seriously rather than the book demanding it. He does so in a way that gets into your subconscious. Since […]

IP Phones

With ISDN lines being phased out, IP phones becoming easily configurable and Hosted PBXs being the norm, small businesses can benefit from flexible, scalable IP Phone solutions at costs less than what they currently pay for their phone systems.
Two Stage Authentication With Yubikey

Securing WordPress websites with YubiKey

Some reports suggest 25-30% of websites on the internet are developed using WordPress, so there is plenty of interest from hackers to break into them and use them for purposes other than what they are intended for. Having a website hacked or compromised in some way can be very serious, starting with a downgrading in Google Search Engine Results, being blacklisted […]