IP Phones

With ISDN lines being phased out, IP phones becoming easily configurable and Hosted PBXs being the norm, small businesses can benefit from flexible, scalable IP Phone solutions at costs less than what they currently pay for their phone systems.

WordPress ‘in association with’ widget

Collaborative websites often have sections developed ‘in association with‘. A WordPress Widget can be used to subtly express this using the JetPack Plugin. JetPack is a popular WordPress Plugin from Automattic which bundles a wide variety of useful...
Managing passwords online with LastPass

Managing passwords online with LastPass

As we’re using the internet for more personalised online activity like email, online banking, supermarket or catalogue shopping, and social networking, we are beginning to increase the number of websites requiring us to use username and password combinations for...

Being secure on the internet

There’s a few technical issues when it comes to internet security – the host device used when initiating the communication, the communication from device to the internet, and finally the destination and reciprocator of communications.